Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fourth Anniversary

Today marks the Anniversary of the first time Nick and I "Got Biblical!"

He has been a joy and an inspiration to me!

I love him so much! I had given up on finding someone to love and thought I was going to go through life all alone and surfing the internet. But, as they say, when I wasn't looking, someone appeared!

For those of you who have found love, congrats! For those who have not, don't give up!

To my Honey! Nick, I Love You!


Urspo said...

congratulations to you both !

BearToast Joe said...

Happy Anniversary, in the Biblical sense, I mean. And happy Advent, too. (Ugh)

Lemuel said...

Happy Anniversary!

Steve F said...

Belated's been a rough weekend for you two, and not much of a way to celebrate an anniversary, sadly. But I am glad that you were there for each other. Don't know how you two see it, but at 2 years for us, it seems almost like yesterday. But your lives have been fuller than ours have been (although we have done our bit for having one-move-a-year, too). Hope you find some time to celebrate your togetherness.