Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thoughts on Life.

Well, things have been going. Life is... I guess.

Some to the things that have been going through my head lately have been thoughts about what does it mean to be "Happy." Do we have the ability to be content? Do we need to be constantly entertained? Are we lacking the ability to just exist in the world anymore?

I grew up with the TV on and my parents were not well educated so reading was not lifted up. We had a radio on and the TV on. Life had something going on. We also were not allowed to have sad or angry feelings. We could only have happy ones. (Or at least that was all we were allowed to express.) So now, it seems that if I am not "happy" I must therefore be "sad." The concept of just existing was not acceptable.

This has carried on throughout life. I have to learn to be ok with being ok.

Someone said that we are the generation of perpetual novelty. We need to be bombarded by "the new" or we cannot function. I am definitely in agreement. I am also afraid of what is going to happen as our children grow. The TV has grown into iPhones and PSP's. (I almost typed PCP! Maybe not that far off!) Yesterday, walking through a store, I saw two children (less than 12) with their noses buried in an electronic device. The act of shopping was not stimulating enough, they had to be playing too.

Have I been so overstimulated as a child that now I cannot exist without "gosh golly wow" moments constantly filling my life? Can I learn how to be content and not see this as something that is bad? Do I see "normal" as a proving to the world that I am NOT one of the jocks or one of the popular people? If I were, my life would be one giant party and one continuous HAPPY! I know this is wrong, but it is the script that continues to resonate through my mind.

And I have to wonder, will this sense of ennui continue through our children? Will they continue to have to be entertained or they will just sink into depression?

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