Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mental Wresteling

I guess if life were easy and predictable, it would be boring.  But sometimes, it would be nice if it just slowed down a little.

I keep having to wonder if I am in the right place being in the Episcopal Church.  I keep wondering if I am the kind of person that the church needs.  I am definitely not a high church kind of person.  And all the canons and rules drive me nuts. 

I feel like I came out of the closet just to go back into another one.  This time, it is the closet of theology.  I feel like I have to hide my  theology and my feelings to be acceptable. 

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BearToast Joe said...

Many of us aren't high church types. The rules you can learn (and learn to ignore, sometimes!). You must discern your own call, but I'm glad you're here. We'll talk. Fear Not.