Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Tourists

My aunt and my nephew came to Michigan on a surprise visit. So we had to take them to the best tacky spots around.

Here is me saving Nick in Hell, MI

We are thinking of using this for our wedding invitations.

Nick interviewed for a job in Frankenmouth.

And I tried on a new "hat" at Bronner's. It is interesting what you can do with a Christmas tree and a wreath!


Urspo said...

Lovely photos
I liked the hat the most
Ooooh to be in Bronners! I hope we can come back to MI this Christmas - perhaps we can meet you two then?

Lemuel said...

Over the weekend of Independence Day, we were watching the Travel channel at one point and there was a spot on Hell, MI. I thought immediately of you two!
Come to think of it, maybe we've misunderstood the Westboro folks all along. Perhaps they were just suggesting Hell (MI) as a great destination for gay travel. LOL!