Monday, July 20, 2009

General Musings

Life has been interesting around here lately.

Some of the more petty annoyances has been putting my phone through the wash. Now I have a Blackberry Pearl, which is fun, but I have to learn again how to use it. But the price was right! $0.99 out of the store! I guess they figure if they get them into peoples' hands, then use will go up. I guess so. All I know is that the gadget geek in me is loving it!

Church has been trying. Actually, work and church has been trying. As I have said before, I feel like I am not doing either job well. I am getting totally sick of the SBX thing and I feel like I am doing a half-fast (say it out loud) job with the church. The whole thing has been popping up feelings that have been buried for years. Memories of being a totally defeated six-year-old have surfaced in all their terrifying glory.

Nick and I have joked about inviting Dr. Ur-Spo up for a visit. He must bring his prescription pad, though.

I have found some more friends on Facebook. This is very cool! I have found a friend that I haven't seen since kindergarten and I have found a friend whom I worked with at camp. The friend from camp was interesting because I have found that he is "family!" Makes me feel less guilty about lusting after him at camp. (DJ, if you are reading this, welcome to my blog!) I find it retroactively comforting to know that I wasn't the only one dealing with conflicted sexuality that summer.

Lots of other things to say, but a little too much wine to make it a fruitful process.

Have a good evening all!


Urspo said...

I hope to be in MI this christmas time, so hohoho and see you then?

Lemuel said...

We need all the friends we can get. I am happy to read that you reconnected, and to find a friend in the Family is a wonderful plus.