Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Church I Can Be Proud Of!

Some great news from the triennial convention. Isn't it interesting that when Christians act like Christians, others who claim to be Christians show their true colors?

(Thansk to Box Turtle Bulletin)


Lemuel said...

Thanks for the link. I had heard the headline, but I had not read the details. Perhaps what we are seeing after a period of nearly 500 years is the Holy Spirit moving to reform, redeem, and renew the Church which is and must always be truly evangelical, catholic, and reformed. To conservatives there is nothing more scary than being led by the nose and transformed into that New Creation that God has in store for us.

BearToast Joe said...

See, I told you we'd grow on you! You made the right move.

Urspo said...

a brave move on their part; I am glad. I admire people who stand up and say 'yes' (or no) despite the consequences.