Sunday, June 15, 2008


I saw something today that just made me angry.

A family was in the restaurant where we were eating. They were obviously taking Dad out for Father's Day so the whole family was there. Then I noticed that "Junior" (who was very cute) was walking around with a bluetooth stuck in his ear. All through the meal, "Junior" had the bluetooth on and later "Junior" pulled out his Blackberry.

How rude! Didn't "Junior" realize he was telling all the people at the table that he considered anyone calling him to be more important than the people at the table? It seemed to me that he was telling them that they were good enough until something better came along.

Why do we tolerate such rudeness? Are we afraid of looking "uncool" if we say anything? Are we just in so much awe of the gadgets that we let people go?


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Ur-spo said...

gads but i hate technology used in public. Apparently we are all allowing it because we want to do it ourselves.
But we can't have it both ways - telling people to turn that off while we use it ourselves.
I try not to answer or use a phone, only doing so when i see there is a medical matter. And I explain/apologize for it.