Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hi Everyone!
Well, it is Sunday evening and I am beat! I worked on Friday which entailed getting up at 4:30 am. Now, some of you may be thinking, "Poor Baby." But I tell you, having to get up intermittently at 4:30 am really messes up your internal clock! I am still feeling like I need to make up for the loss of sleep.

I had a supply preaching gig today. It went well. I actually like preaching at this congregation. I preached at the congregation that I usually attend last week and it was a disaster. The congregation where I usually worship has a very "high church" rector. I am not really a "high church" kind of guy. Last week, I felt like a complete fool as I was not sure of the "high church" style and the assistants were not very helpful. Today, the assistants were kind and helpful. They did not act as if I was a fool. It was just a nicer experience.

Afterward, Nick and I went looking at houses on the Parade of Homes. I was upset because the houses didn't move. And there was no bands. Bummer...

Actually, the houses were fairly ho-hum. Of course, I must admit that I am kind of an architecture geek. I especially love the Craftsman style and the Prairie style. There were no Prairie homes, but that wasn't unexpected. But there was a great revisioning of a Craftsman (It is the house pictured at the beginning of the post). It was the last house that we visited. Coffered Ceilings, Greene & Greene inspired staircase, craftsman windows and fireplaces. It was gorgeous. (The realtor was pretty cute too!) Unfortunately, the price was a bit (ha!) prohibitive. Anybody got $550,000 to donate to an architecture fan?
There were two others that were cool. One was a French Provincial on a man-made lake. It had some great views and a great yard. It also had a lot of great details but had a hand rail that came off. Now, at over $600,000, you would expect the hand rail to work.
The other was a rustic, lodge-like house. It had a small patch of woods behind it so you got this great view of the trees from the windows.
Both of these houses are only a couple of blocks apart from each other. Nick and I joked we should buy both houses then we can spend time at the "Lake House" or at the "Cabin in the Woods."
Oh to dream...


Anonymous said...

It is interesting how the attitudes of some helpful people can change one's whole experience at an event. Supplying in an unfamiliar setting can be unsettling, but with a little help from your friends...

I recall working shifts with varying start times. I agree, it can really mess up your system.

You and Nick do not want those houses! Just think of the upkeep! I'm loving my new home and let's just say it costs but a small fraction of those homes and there is upkeep enough here to keep me busy for a lifetime.

Wayne said...

Thats why I never go the the parade of homes! Don't want to get the new home itch! Especially since we can't afford it!