Thursday, October 05, 2006

Funeral Music

I was tagged by Janna over at One More Drop In A Bloggy Ocean to do this meme. It is kind of interesting. The question is: What five songs do you want played at your funeral?

Now, this is kind of hard, because there are the songs that I would like to have and then there are the songs that would be more appropriate to a funeral.

First off, I will give you the "appropriate" songs I would like for my funeral.

First, I would like the song O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. I know it is an advent song, but I like it and I think it is appropriate for a funeral.

Second, I would like the song Soon and Very Soon.

Third, I would like Give Me Jesus

Fourth, would be We Are Called. Sorry, I could not find a link to this one.

Fifth, would be an old standard like Amazing Grace.

Now other songs that I think would be fun at a funeral would be:

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

I'm Going Home

I think that is it. It was kind of fun! Now I think I will tag Lemuel over at The Greedy Maelstrom.


Ur-spo said...

that seems a nice list!

Lemuel said...

Sorry for the delay, my friend. My list is now up (Monday).

I never thought of Veni Emmanuel for a funeral, but it does fit.

I always thought "Joy to the World" would make a nice Eucharistic hymn. It really is not specifically "Christmas" if you read the words. So I picked it for an Easter service. Would you believe it snowed! 6 inches! (March 29, 1970)