Monday, April 04, 2011

Chapter 6: In which we get a plot twist...

Ok, the apartment is getting packed.  The office is getting packed.  The living situation, although not ideal, is pretty well set.  The church is dealing with the concept of closing.  Things are moving along.

I will admit that I HATE moving and would do almost ANYTHING to not have to move.

So, now enter the plot twist:  The assistant to the Bishop informed me that there is a full-time interim position that will soon be coming available and was wondering if I would be interested in it.  (Sound of screeching brakes...)

Now, I was kind of getting excited about the possibility of moving to some place warmer.  I was getting kind of excited about getting into a healthy congregation and being able to really get down to some fun ministry.  But now this has come about and changes all of this.

Staying and taking the interim position will save us the $2500 fee for breaking our lease.  It will allow me the opportunity to hone my skills in working with congregations in transition.  It will give my monkey brain something to do for a year or so before going on to something else.  It will allow us to actually move in the future with some planning and not just get tossed to the wind.

I will be talking with the Assistant tomorrow and will have some more information.  Until then, gentle readers, stay tuned!

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suz said...

This could be good for several reasons, and yes! Since it's transitional, planning for a change is one of them. I hope this is a good thing! Good luck.