Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life Shots

Well, life at BUX has been interesting. I have not been trying to get the Lead Barista fired, but he has been doing pretty well in getting there. If you are not up on his shenanigans, let me fill you in.

He is notorious for just roaming around the store instead of helping us. He is notorious for lying instead of just doing the work. He is also notorious for seeing how far he can push people, just to see if he can.

Well, he may have pushed too far. When I found out that I had been trained, read the training materials, and signed the training material (none of which happened!), I got very angry! I told my boss and his boss that I DO NOT appreciate having my name and data forged! I also purposely did this in the presence of another co-worker because the boss is notorious for having a "bad" memory when it suits her.

I get to work with him today. This should be interesting.

I am still excited about the decision of the ELCA Churchwide assembly. As you can guess, this has opened up a lot of possibilities. My biggest challenge is to not get too far ahead of life. There are some things that will need to happen. Part of the "problem" is that I had to leave the ELCA to join the ECUSA. Now I will have to see if there is a problem with returning. I also feel a sense of betrayal to the ECUSA. They took me in when I needed it and helped me in a desperate time. Now it seems like I am giving them a smack in the face for helping me. But I never felt like an Episcopalian, try as I might. I don't really want to spend the rest of my life in the Episcopal closet.

Nick and I are gearing up for our trip to Iowa. We are going to visit my family and to start people thinking of the concept of two guys getting married. My family is accepting of my gayness, they just are a little unsure about all the other stuff. Nick and I are ok with giving them time.

The change in the weather has started me thinking of Christmas. (How surprising is that!) I have the impetus to start working on Christmas glass. We are going to have a craft sale at church so I need to get some things done for there. I also need to get working on the Santa for this year. (People new to the blog may not know that I make my partner Nick a new stained glass Santa every year. Nick loves Santas.) It wasn't much of a summer, but now that fall seems to have poked its head, I am feeling a new sense of energy.

I have finally gotten some health insurance through work. It is going to be a bit of a financial hit, but it is necessary. I wish I could cover Nick with the insurance, too, but in Michigan, that is not possible.

Congregation is doing fine, although I think churches seem to be Nut Magnets. I guess that is a good thing because even nuts need somewhere to belong too. Problem is, in a small congregation, the nuts stand out more than they do in a fruitcakes. Trying to find the fruitcake around the nuts can be interesting.

Putting the cat down has not been as traumatic as I thought. I think we have been grieving her loss for many years. Every time she would get impacted, the question would again arise. Sometimes having her gone smacks me "upside of the head" when I see her favorite toy or think I hear her in the night. But both She and her sister were/are independent cats so not having her constantly around is not odd.

So, there is life in a nutshell. I guess life is what you make it! Around here, that would make life stained glass coffee!

(The photo at the top of the post is of some flowers we saw when we were at The Tridge last weekend.)

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Lemuel said...

Somehow. somewhere along the way, I think I missed that you had put down the cat. I am so sorry.
I also missed noticing your countdown to the End of the World. I will need to check if that is the Mayan date or the Right Wing Left Behind Adam Walked With Dinosaurs date. I'll also need to check the time zone. I'll want to set my DVR so that I can watch it later on. LOL!
I am happy to hear that you do have health bennies finally. Since my layoff, I get mine through my wife's work. Although it is super expensive, as a "mate" I can get at least some relief. Still it causes me outrage to know that Nick and others cannot do the same.