Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where Are You?

Ok, I got one of the weirder calls I have received in my clergy career last night:

"Fr. Ben, did you tell anyone to move the church sign?"

"No, why?"

"I just got a call from Mona, she said that the sign has been moved."

"Did it get moved to where we wanted it?" (I asked hopefully.)

"No, supposedly it got moved near the parking lot enterence."

"You mean by the other sign?!?"

"Supposedly, but pointing toward the neighbor's house."

This was something that seminary could not prepare someone for: A phantom sign mover. We wanted to move the sign, but not to the area near the parking lot! Two signs within 15 feet of each other was way too close!

Then, today, I got another call:

"Fr. Ben, are you ready for a laugh?"


"Mona told me that the new sign is on the left side of the road that leads into the driveway.'


"I told Mona that that is where the sign had been for the past 20 years!"

That is right! The sign was not moved at all!! You just gotta love life in a small congregation!


BearToast Joe said...

But it's only been there 20 years. What about where it used to be. . . .

Lemuel said...

I loved BearToast Joe's comment! Yes, indeed. I'm sure somewhere in this conversation was a "but we've ALWAYS done it this way!!"