Monday, May 28, 2007

Tadpole Waterslide From Hell

I went out to check how thing were in the backyard pond. I am sorry to say that the fantail comet is now in the big fishbowl in the sky. But the tadpoles are having a good time!

I have two waterfalls in my pond, the larger waterfall and pump have a filter system on them. The smaller one, though, does not.

So the tadpoles are being sucked up in the pump and being deposited at the top of the waterfall to cascade (usually) back into the pond. Unfortunately, some of them get stuck on the landing rock, just before plopping into the pool at the bottom. But, hey, I guess the bodies of the tadpoles that don't make it make for a good obstacle course for the next ones to come!


Ur-spo said...

perhaps it is a sort of funky evolution, or in this case, artificial selection?

Anonymous said...

That's the way I feel about most amusement park rides.