Thursday, September 21, 2006

Telling Dream

Just before I awoke this morning, I had a very telling dream.

I was walking across a busy street. The light had changed to green and I started to cross the street. As I got to the other side, a car came around the corner and hit me. The driver was too involved in her boyfriend to notice I was in front of her. She hit me and continued to drive. I tried to get her license number but by the time I checked, she was gone.

It just dawned on me, the couple was het'. Am I feeling run over by the problems set up by the heterosexual population? I don't know.

Right on the heels of the dream, was the waking thought of the country mouse and the city mouse. I was thinking how the city mouse assumed that the way of the city was, de facto, the best life. Do we assume that the het' life is, de facto, the best life? Why should it have to be?

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