Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Adios ECUSA?

I just got a letter from the ECUSA. I have to have a psychological exam (KILL IT!!) before they can send me into the congregation. (MAKE IT BLEED!!) The problem is that I have to come up with $475 (BLOW UP A BANK!!) to have the exam. Of course I cannot have my current therapsit do the exam (DR. PHIL IS AN ALIEN!!)even though he knows me better than just about anyone.

This may be the deal breaker.


Ur-spo said...

well did they say what sort of exam?
there are several; tell me which one so I can see if I smell a rat.....

Lemuel said...

i love ecclesiastical judicatories!

i'm sorry you have run into this hurdle. i think it's pretty much SOP, too.

you would think in that they would fund for the test, if they are the ones requiring it.

Anonymous said...

It really is standard for us all in ECUSA. Fear not. Help may be available. Write me.
Cheers, Joe.