Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Apology in advance

Something happened yesterday.  Yes, we re-elected Pres. Obama, but something else has happened.

I am greatly at peace with leaving the Episcopal church.  I know I have been chatting about this ad nausium, but this feels so much more real.

I got the word from the higher ups that a church I had been working with recently, and in the past, is just going to be allowed to die.  I have tried to talk with them, but have gotten no real answer.

I understand that everyone is overworked (except me!) and that resources are stretched thin, but I am getting tired of waiting for something to happen in the church.  I find no assistance in what I should be doing. I guess I should be smart enough to figure it out myself, but frankly, I am lost.

I feel very childlike in this situation and I am not comfortable with that.  Part of me want's someone to come and rescue me, but I know that is not helpful thinking in any way.

I will start pursuing credentialing in the MCC.  Maybe that will help.  I need to find job for the year or so that it will take to get credentialed.

Not optimal, but it is a way forward.

Oh, the apology: Sorry for always being so maudlin.

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