Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feeling Misanthropic

You know, sometimes life just gets to me.  And quite often, (OFTEN) I have to wonder if we humans really are the apex species.  And maybe it is just the way we make our past seem more rosy than it really was; but people just seemed nicer in the past.  Today we have people with their noses stuck in smart phones and trying to drive at the same time.  No matter how much people are reminded that texting and driving is dangerous, people just don't seem to get it.

I get tired of the church world too.  So often what I see and hear when the word "Christian" is thrown around is anything but Christian.  And what I hate the most is that most "Christians" are unwilling to step up and challenge the pervading stereotypes.  And if I do say something that tries to alter the pervading stereotypes, the response is, "You are clergy, you are supposed to be nice.  Stop making people feel uncomfortable."

I had an interview at a church last Sunday.  It was ok.  I guess I would fell better about it if I felt better about the state of the church.  Frankly, I feel like I am painted into a corner.  I have been away from psychology long enough to be out of the loop.  I am not a good enough stained glass person to make a living at it.  I would prefer moving somewhere south.  (Maybe that is just a desire to run away, IDK.)

So that is the state of being.  I am making a piece of glass for a show that needs to be finished soon!  It is called "Homage to a Rollergirl No. 1."  I will post some pictures when it is completed.

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