Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Updates from the Homefront

Well, the stent is supposed to come out today.  To say I am happy would be a total understatement.  This whole thing has been just knocking me down.  Urinary Urgency is not something that is easily ignored, but when you then go to relieve yourself and not much, if any, comes out, it is just frustrating.  "Too much to ignore, but not enough to attend to."  And the urine that does pass, HURTS!  I have tried to go out, but that just makes the situation worse.  And the two Sunday mornings that I preached ended in blood and pain the rest of the day.  Possibly TMI, but I am SO excited to have the stent leave.

I have sent the Letter to a Friend to the friend.  I have not heard anything back from him.  I find it interesting that there was NO response.  Not a "thank you," not a "I still think you are a sinner," nothing.  I don't want to read too much into it, but I hope the no response represents some thought.  I told him that I would be brutally honest with him in the letter.  Maybe people don't want to think of their clergy people looking at Hustler magazine or getting aroused by men.  I didn't even mention "bait and switch" masturbation!  I don't know if people want to know that their clergy are sexual beings also.

Oh well, life goes on.  Looking forward to feeling normal once again.  Hope all is well in your world, too!

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