Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It is only "Minor Surgery" when it happens to someone else.

Well, tomorrow I "go under the knife."  Well, not actually.  Actually I will be having a device shoved up my penis in order to pull a kidney stone out of my ureter.

I have been having all kinds of mental images of this.  The one that keeps popping into my head is Arnie Schwartzengovernor pulling the tracking device out of his head.  All that I can imagine is them sticking a long metal thing up there, grabbing on to the stone and then streatching my poor penis all out of shape.

Also, the concept of people doing things with my organ is kind of weird.  Not that I don't like people doing things with my organ.  But to be passed out and having people do things with my organ, well that just weirding me out.

Oh well.  Leaving the thing in place really isn't an option so tomorrow, "Rocky" the stone is going away.

(Oh, I must admit that I stole the title of this post.)

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