Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dealing with me

I am really not loving my personlity type lately.  That probably sounds odd to say.  But I have been dealing with my personaliy type for the past week and I have been thinking.  My Meyers-Briggs score is INFP and lately I have just been getting tired of it.  I am tired of looking at the world in such an odd way.  I get tired of my way not being understood by others.  I am tired of being hurt by things that others just let slide off of them.  I get told to "just toughen up" and if I could do that, I would have done that years ago

What also gets me is that the things that I find that helps me to move beyond these feelings are the things those who are not "in the know" get upset about.  Getting away from the problems.  Getting people to lower anxiety levels.  Not an easy thing t do.

I go from doing fine to wanting to just run away. 

All the stuff I find talks about people feeling alone and depressed.  I can relate to that.  What frightens me is the thought that this is all I have to look forward to.

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