Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Vacation Photos

It used to be that you would go and visit people and get subjected to their photos.  Now, in the age of the internet, you get them delivered right to your computer!  The up-side is that you can just ignore them all, the down-side is you don't get dinner and beers!

Nick at Cornhenge

We learned our lesson about paying too much attention to GPS systems.  We were trying to find a state park to camp the night.  The GPS was taking us down back roads and roads that looked washed out.  (You think we would have gotten the hint, huh?)  The road ended at a lake.  Across the lake was the park.  But there was NO BRIDGE!  So back on the one-lane road, back to the main road, and then off to follow the signs on the roadway that said, "State Park."

Camp Ground (?) near Asheville, NC.  The place was called "Stoney Creek Campground."  IT WAS A FARMER'S FIELD!!  (We were told if we wanted some sweet corn we could take it from the field, just enter on the west side of the field, 'cause the east side had an electric fence.)  The owner of the field was a great old guy (in his 80's) who was going to go dancing in town that night.  We were the only ones there that night.  (Any surprise?) 

Nick and I with our Beartoast of a Host!  Thanks Joe!  We had a great time!


Cubby said...

I'm glad you survived the camping. I have to give you credit for doing it. It is not something adults should do. (Sleeping on the ground that is. It always screws up my back.) Did you have cots?

I'm afraid to ask about those corn-shaped phallic structures. WTF?

I'm glad you got to meet Joe! He sure is getting around this summer, meeting a whole bunch of bloggers.

Java said...

And isn't Joe wonderful? I got to meet him earlier this summer.

Looks like you had a fun time, with the possible exception of sleeping on the ground. I like to camp, but give me at least an air mattress, please!

Lemuel said...

We do use our GPS and I find that they are quite helpful, BUT one does need to be ready to ignore/overrule them. I love how mine gets "angry" with me when I ignore it. I think it's in love with me. ;)

BT Joe is a honey of a bear. Glad you two got to meet him.

Blobby said...

ahhh...cement corn of Dublin Ohio, I know it well.