Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Great Way To Start Pride...

Nick and I came back from camping over the Memorial Day weekend and I noticed someone had changed the sign in front of the church.  This was nothing big, someone had just changed the sign from "Spread the Message" to "Sunday Worship 9:30."

When we got home, there was a message on the phone, it said that the sign had been vandalized and that the message had since been fixed.  I did not know what was placed there, but I was more than a bit apprehensive.

I got a message this morning telling me what was on the sign:  One side said, "Eat me gay service 9:30" and the other said, "Spread the ass."  I am suspecting that it is some kids acting like idiots.  I really don't think it was aimed specifically at me.

It does hurt though.

People ask why we need Pride now days.  THIS IS WHY!  When someone can sue for libel just because someone calls them gay (think George Rekers) is insulting to those of us who are gay.  When what you are can be considered libel, it does not help to increase one's self-esteem.  When something that is a defining aspect of your life is used as an attack, it points out that there is need for change in our world.

I also feel sad for a world that finds homosexuality something that is so scary.  If this was done by kids, then it should  be telling that they find the thought of being gay as something that is detestable.

And since when has defacing something associated with the church been OK?


Larry Ohio said...

I'm sorry about the vandalism. That is so petty. Worse than that even.
Being gay isn't detestable, but defacing a church to spread a message of hate is.

Urspo said...

that does sound like kids being stupid rather than directed at you or gays in general.
"it's so gay" is alas a common derogatory adolescent word.

Lemuel said...

I guess I would widen your thought to ask when is defacing anyone else's property okay?
Another thought is that this may not have been directed at you personally, but at the institutional church in general, given the barrage of sexual misconduct of late.