Friday, April 30, 2010

Something Interesting

I am finding it interesting having the backward clock.  The thought was that it would make reading the clock easier when looking in the mirror since the mind would not have to flip it around to make sense of it.  But just the opposite is happening; it seems to be more confusing.  I think it has to do with 45 years of learning about mirrors:  Things in mirrors are not what they seem.  So the mind has to flip all the other things in the reflection but does not have to flip the clock.  This is cognitively jarring.

Nick has noticed it too.  I originally thought that it would make reading the clock easire, but I am not so sure now. 

I wonder if eventually we will habituate to it.


Lemuel said...

It's fascinating how the human mind works and perceives reality.

Bear Me Out said...

I'm rather dyslexic, so the rorrim ylno sesufnoc em