Thursday, February 04, 2010

Last Night's Meeting

The meeting went very well! The congregation has been through some tough times, but now seems ready to heal. I think it will be a good thing.

I am beginning to think that my ministry in life is going to be going into congregations and loving them back to health. I seem to have been in congregations that have had some "difficulties." I hope I am able to have learned something at each of the places and will be able to bring that learning to the new places that I serve.


Lemuel said...

I can think of no finer calling than that which you state might be your ministry in life. It is a "ministry of reconciliation", very sound biblically and theologically. I also could not help but think that in this way God uses you as a part of his body (recall recent epistle lessons) and utilizes your gifts of both the present (pastoral) and the past (psychology). He has given you powerful spiritual gifts.

Urspo said...

That is a commendable calling in life; to nurture sick things, heal them, and move onto others.