Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Wedding 'N Stuff

Here we are at the wedding of Nick's niece. Nick performed the service. I was the doting partner and somewhat style consultant.

It was a nice outdoor wedding and the weather cooperated. We were supposed to have thunderstorms but they held off. What made me happy was at one point, Nick's sister introduced me as her brother-in-law. I gave her a big hug later and told her I was honored.

Tomorrow will be my last Sunday at my current congregation. I will miss them. I have grown a lot while I was there and they were very loving and supportive of me. I preached last Sunday and will be presiding this Sunday. Then, if everything goes well, I will be starting at a new congregation around the beginning of July.

Also tomorrow, after the church stuff, Nick and I are planning on going to Motor City Pride. It should be fun. On the way home from the wedding we stopped in Ferndale and looked around. We did a little shopping and then continued driving home. We tried to find a rainbow jockstrap but it seems there is no such beast. Alas, red had to do.

So, right now we are just relaxing until tomorrow. Nick will do the church thing in Flint, I near Lansing. Then we will meet and head off to pride.

More info tomorrow!!

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Ur-spo said...

lovely photo.