Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Just Don't Get It.

I got called into the boss's office last Thursday. The boss handed me the case number and asked me to come see him when I had the chance. I checked the case and I remembered what happened: I user called with a problem that one of her programs were running slow. Now, we knew that one of the servers was running slow, but we were also told to troubleshoot the problem. So I troubleshot the problem. I assisted the woman in cleaning her cache and compacting her drive. I also told her how to clear some things from her computer so she would have have to reboot her computer when a program would not properly launch. The woman was extremely happy for the information.

I look at the case and tried to figure out what I did that would cause me to get called into the office. I couldn't think of any except maybe I told her the wrong thing in clearing the memory.

I went into the office and said, "So what did I do wrong?" My boss said, "Nothing, it was great customer service to help the woman tweak her computer." I thought, "Wow! I am going to get an 'atta boy' for doing somethin right!"

But then he continued, "But this was a known problem, so you should have cut your losses and just gotten off the phone."


We are told almost daily that we are trying to be a "World-Class Service Desk," how does not helping the client make us World-Class? Aren't we there to assist the client? I can't believe I got called into the office for being too nice to a client.

Maybe I just don't understand the corporate world. I work for the "Hearding Cats" company and sometimes just working there feels like hearding cats.

I just have to remember, this is not a career, it is just a job. I will do my best, but I need not get overly upset. I guess I just get frustrated because I am a people pleaser and it just seems like there is no way to please anyone!

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Wayne said...

Oh I sooo know what you are going thru!
I've worked in the "service" industry for toooo many years now.