Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kick 'em When They're Down

I just don't understand mortgage companies. As most of you know who read my blog, I am having some difficulty in making my mortgage payments. Well, will all of this difficulty, what does my mortgage company do? Do they try to work with me so I can at least try to make payments? NO!

I got a letter yesterday telling me that my mortgage payment is going up! My mortgage went up about $200 dollars in October and is going to go up approximately another $100 dollars in March.

I get the feeling they smell blood in the water. So, since I am down, the company is going to keep stabbing.

What I find interesting is the lack of business sense this makes. If I had a permanent job, I would be looking for another mortgage company, but right now I can't. So I can't pay and they up my interest, if I could pay I would leave but I can't pay so I go into default: either way, they lose my account. This doesn't seem to make any sense to me.

1 comment:

Ur-spo said...

is your mortgage merely going up as you have an "ARM"?
But I agree with you; mortgage companies are heartless and souless.
no suprrise there.