Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Why do gays only talk about being gay?"

I read a post over at A Rainbow Flag in Narnia where Steve was answering a question about people feel that "being gay" is the most important thing in a gay person's life. What is interesting is that I was just thinking how "Flaming Heterosexual" so many people seem to be.

Case in point: I have just started a new job. I already know that my trainer is married, has lived with his wife before he was married. Does not go to strip clubs because of what he has at home. Has a wife that likes to initiate sex. And "you know you are married and you want to go to bed to sleep."

Now, if we were to place a gay person in that situation and the same things were said, the person would probably be out of a job.

To the heterosexual population, they don't see what they say as being out of the ordinary. So when they hear us talk about our life, we are "throwing it in their face." What they don't realize is that their activities are constantly in our faces. We are just supposed to say nothing about it.

I actually am kind of upset at the actions of my trainer. I find the conversation to be totally inappropriate for the work-place. I wonder if I should say something or if then I will be written off as someone who isn't willing to have some fun.

I really don't know if I am offended because I am offended or if I am offended because of the disparity in treatment.


Lemuel said...

In my immediate workplace, I have to confess that such sexually-laced conversations very, very rarely occur. In our production area, I think they do on a regular basis. Your quandry is real, although I would suspect that the conclusion would not be that you did not want to have "fun", but that you were a "prude" (or even "worse", that you might be "gay").

BentonQuest said...

No, these comments were made to that whole class, not just me.