Saturday, October 21, 2006

Not Again!

6:24, 6:25, 6:26...Thank you for calling...

Yep, it happened again! I was just about to leave on Friday night, FRIDAY NIGHT!, when someone called. And again, it wasn't something easy like just rebook; NO! It was someone's laptop going on the fritz. And Laptops we have to send out to the manufacturer; no simple fix here.

So I am stuck in the call center, 6:45 pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT! and I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing and no one to ask and I WANT TO GO TO NICK'S! I don't want to be there! So I get the guy taken care of (I know, bad sentence structure)and head out.

On the way there I stop to pick up something for Nick for Sweetest Day (But that is another post!).

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

" ... is making me [understandably] crazy."

I just hope it was even better when you did get to Nick's!

Have a great weekend!