Monday, October 02, 2006


Man, to steal a term from Lemuel over at The Greedy Maelstrom, my "Hunkdar" has been working overtime today.

Although the trainer for my new job is nothing spectacular, I am kind of glad I am not in the other training session, I would never get anything done! The guy is just the right height, just the right body build, and BALD! I wouldn't be paying attention to what I was supposed to be doing and I would have to stay sitting all day. Nick said he was happy I wasn't in the other class either!

Then there was the guy who was sitting next to me during rehearsal for the choral I am in. He was kind of my "other ideal." (if that is possible.) Dark, goatee, a little cheek bristle, hairy, and a great bass voice. He was kind of a jerk though.

The picture is a barn on I-80 in NW Illinois.

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Unknown said...

Hunkdar? I've never heard it put that way, but I like it. Happy training and singing.