Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mr. Clean

Well, I have always wanted to shave my head so I took the plunge and had Nick get out the trimmers and cut it all off. He was kind of sad as he shaved it off. He kept saying, "But your hair is so soft..."

Then I tried to shave it farther and that didn't seem to work. So I used some Nair to get the hair off. Two treatments of Nair didn't work but a new blade on the razor did. Unfortunately, I have two moles on my head that I didn't know I were there so then I ended up with two blood fountains on my head. If I don't keep it bald, it will be because of the moles.

I am still trying to get used to the fact that I am no longer a Lutheran pastor. Nick and I went to the Episcopal church this morning and it was a bit on the underwhelming side. But that was just one service in one church. I am sure there are other churches around that are a bit more lively.

I have revamped my resume because I will probably be unemployed for a while. The Episcopal church works on the interview model, the person interviews for the position and the congregation decides. Some denominations appoint the pastors, but not in the Episcopal Church. So I have to get my paperwork in and then start interviewing. Maybe I could do some supply until then.

I talked to my cousin today and had to explain why I wasn't a pastor anymore. I was not sure how her response would be but she was cool about it all. But I got to see my Goddaughter dance and that was really cool!

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