Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The 100 Things!

I guess this is something every blogger must do. So here it is. I am unemployed right now so I have the time.

1. I am a Christian. Have been all of my life. I have question things and still do, but Christianity works for me.

2. I was raised Roman Catholic, went through a "Happy Agnostic" stage, became ELCA Lutheran, and now am moving to the Episcopal church.

3. Two cats allow me to share their house with them.

4. I am in a relationship.

5. The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright causes things to happen to my body that could become embarrassing.

6. I am addicted to caffeine.

7. I love tattoos and have three of my own.

8. I have been gay my whole life but it took me 40 years to finally admit it to myself.

9. It took less than a year to admit it to everyone else.

10. I went to a National Math Tournament just to go to Six Flags over Georgia to ride the roller coasters.

11. I was a state finalist in the Wham-O hula-hoop contest when I was 10.

12. I do stained glass.

13. I like BIG art. Why make a sun catcher when you can make a whole window?

14. The first computer I ever used was a Commodore Pet with a cassette drive.

15. I have had a play I wrote produced.

16. I have all of the Partridge Family albums on vinyl.

17. I won tickets to an amusement park because I had all of the Partridge Family albums.

18. I share my birthday with my grandma, my nephew, and John Lennon.

19. My workstudy job in college was planetarium operator.

20. I have seen a total solar eclipse.

21. I was on the "Mr. Lucky" show as a child; back in the days when they had kid shows on after school.

22. One Christmas, I saw Santa walking toward our house, screamed and ran to the bathroom!

23. One Christmas, I freaked out the neighbor's granddaughter. I was wearing a Santa suit and knocked on the window and waved. I later learned that the little girl's father had just told her that she needed to behave because Santa was watching!

24. I broke my ankle without knowing it.

25. I liked Pulp Fiction better than Forrest Gump.

26. I've been to the Field of Dreams more times than I can count.

27. I have completed a tri-athlon.

28. I couldn't complete a tri-athlon now.

29. I've been hot-air ballooning. It was a life-long dream. If you ever get a chance, do it!

30. I was almost a black-belt in TaeKwanDo.

31. I've been to Hell. (Michigan, that is!)

32. I own two lava lamps and a lucite grapes swag lamp.

33. My cats are named after two vampires from Interview With The Vampire. (Claudia and Madeline)

34. I knew a woman who could stick her tongue up her nose.

35. I had my tonsils out when I was 11 months old.

36. My tonsils grew back.

37. I have two godchildren.

38. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

39. I celebrate Christmas year-round.

40. I once lost the use of my legs.

41. I hate ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

42. I have around 800 beer cans.

43. I started playing the piano at 20 and it sounds like it!

44. I once fell out of bed and broke my leg and my ankle in four places.

45. I has intended to be a doctor until I broke my ankle and my leg.

46. I missed almost two months of college because of the break.

47. I worked as a psychologist before I became a pastor.

48. I have studied French, Koine Greek, and American Sign Language.

49. I love beef stroganoff.

50. I am not very athletic.

51. I never went out for any sports in high-school or college.

52. I lived in a house that was so small you could sit on the toilet and lean your head on the wall in front of you.

53. I've had light-up pink flamingos in my yard.

54. I went to the same high-school as Kate Mulgrew (aka Capt. Janaway)

55. I am the youngest of four kids.

56. I am a universalist.

57. I am not a fan of football.

58. I played the Cowardly Lion in a summer production of The Wizard of Oz.

59. Laurie Anderson and Kate Bush changed my view of music.

60. I have WAY too many interests.

61. I saved my money from my paper route to buy an Atari 2600.

62. The first R-rated movie I saw was Rollerball.

63. The 2002 "remake" of Rollerball sucked.

64. I am an architecture geek.

65. My first crush was David Hartman on the TV show Lucas Tanner.

66. I would wait all year to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

67. Christmas movies make me sad.

68. I enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing.

69. I am a bass.

70. The first concert I ever went to was VanHalen.

71. I was at Lallapalooza I in Chicago.

72. I almost died by being buried in sand.

73. As a kid, I had friends who could carry on entire conversations in Pig Latin.

74. I belonged to a frat.

75. They didn't know I was gay. (But then again, neither did I!)

76. The only foreign country I have been to is Canada.

78. I never had calamari until I was 30 and then I loved it!

79. I used to love flying, now I start panicking weeks before I have to go.

80. I have a severe fear of dentists.

81. I fell flat on my face skateboarding and never did it again. (Skateboarding, that is!)

82. I have been in two motorcycle accidents.

83. I now always wear a helmet.

84. Bald men hot.

85. I love the mountains.

86. One of the coolest weather phenomena is a thunder snowstorm.

87. Robert Mapplethorp and Man Ray were great photographers.

88. Early synthesizer music is cool!

89. Everyone should visit the House on the Rock at least once in their lives.

90. I have nail fungus on my left big toe (you couldn't live without knowing that!)

91. I lost my virginity at 22.

92. I had sex the fist time with a man at 40. (And that was in front of the fireplace!)

93. I never owned a G.I. Joe.

94. I got my first erector set at 28 years old.

95. In fouth-grade, I built a scale model of the Sears Tower. It was over five-feet tall.

96. I used to experiment with hypnosis when I was in high-school.

97. I wanted to be a parapsychologist in high-school.

98. I had gotten into the habit of putting both toilet seats down when I found my cats drinking the water.

99. Pop Tarts and Diet Pepsi IS a nutritious breakfast.

100. Bill the Cat and I grew up in the same city.

There you have it. And I will add, all of the above could be totally wrong!


Lemuel said...

1. Thanks, comrade, for the affirmation. I sometimes feel very alone.
2. Interesting journey. I'm coming from the other direction. I hope one of us has the golden spike.
8. I know that tune.
9. But I've not sung that verse yet.
23. LOL!
42. Empty?
69. Presumably in a choir and not in a lake. (Forgive me. I could not resist)
80. Preach it, brother!
84. Hmmm. Perhaps I should send you a picture.

[Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your openness. In many ways I helps me (and others?) not to feel so alone and helps us get to know you.]

Doug Taron said...

18. Hmmm......a Libra
19. Cool. Which planetarium?
20. I've seen 2. Where was yours?
31. Well, I've been to Paradise, but I've never been to me.
42. Any cone tops? How about a Billy?
74. A frat frat, or an honor society?

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

M.W. Shannon said...

Could you send me some of your nail fungus?