Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiring Day

Well, I told my congregation today that I would be leaving.  I am excited about all that is going on, but I am also sad to be leaving.  I really do care about these people and feel, in a way, that I am abandoning them.  I know that I have to believe that God is in this whole thing and that God will be there for the congregation too.

We actually had a good talk the congregation was able to see how they have grown and how they are more able to be "Church" now.  I am happy that they were able to see that hey have grown and that they are able to see this not as a defeat, but as a challenge.

I had to have someone else read the part that said that I was leaving because I started crying like a schoolgirl.  This is such a combination of joys and sorrows.  AND AM I TIRED!

Well, I will be meeting with the new congregation this week and hopefully that will answer a few things.

Nick and I were looking for apartments.  We wanted to find a house because all the stained glass stuff takes a lot of room.  We found an apartment with a "bonus room" that could be usable.  I hate looking for apartments.

Now I am just chilling and getting my thoughts together.  I have to send stuff to the bishop's office but that can wait until tomorrow.


Java said...

Can you say where you're moving to?

Lemuel said...

I understand your emotion. Regardless of how you feel about a congregation, your pour yourself into the work and into the people. When you add the fact that you are tired and stressed, ...
I even got emotional telling a congregation that I was leaving even after that congregation had made my life a living hell for three years.
Continued good luck and best wishes with the move and the new opportunity!!

Bear Me Out said...

New job, leaving old ones, moving, finding housing . . . . . . all VERY high stress stuff. Take care of yourself.
Leaving is tough. But new beginnings can be fun! Will this be closer for Nick, as well?
New adventures!

Urspo said...

sleep well; may the new job be a better one for you.