Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Sometimes I really hate working with the public! I especially hate "Free Iced Coffee Wednesday"!

On Wednesdays through the end of July, we will give people a free tall iced coffee with a card that people got from the newspaper. As I said, people are supposed to get ONE iced coffee with the card.

Now, you may have noticed the green lines on the cold cups. Those lines are for measuring the amount of coffee that is put into the cup. On an iced coffee, we fill it to the top green line and then put ice in the rest of the cup.

I can't believe the people who get so pushy about "no ice." What they mean is, "I want more coffee that I am not paying for." In general I try to give the people a little more, but sometimes people just get annoying.

One time, I had a woman who got angry with me because I would not give here more when she ordered the iced coffee without ice. The unfortunate part was I didn't have any more coffee made. I asked if she wanted to wait. Se got all angry and said that the other Starbucks gave her more coffee. I tried to explain that she was getting the proper amount of coffee and that I could not give her any more BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE IT! She then grabbed her coffee and walked away.

Another man came in last week and presented his card for a free iced coffee and asked if he could also get a coffee for his wife. We said, "Sure, no problem." Then he wanted mocha. Then he wanted syrup. So I made the drinks for him and he left. About a half hour later, the same guy came back and wanted a coffee for his mother-in-law who "felt left out." We felt a bit used, but we made the coffee for him. (I also noticed he was wearing a "Jesus Shirt".)

The same guy came in today and wanted a coffee for himself and his wife. I asked if he was going to come in a half hour later and want one for his mother-in-law. He looked at me like I was nuts and said that I must be thinking of someone else. I commented that there should be something about one coffee per card and he said, "But there isn't!" (I later checked and there is a thing that says only one per card.) So I made the coffee and gave it to the guy. Then about 30 min. later I went to lunch. When I came back, I saw the guy with a new iced coffee! I asked my coworkers and they said he came back to get one for his WIFE!

He not only lied, but looked me straight in the face and lied.

These people are getting this stuff for free! Why do they have to be such idiots about it too?

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Unknown said...

This was the Jesus Shirt guy, too, right? Yup, you can tell 'em a mile away.