Friday, June 27, 2008

I Really Hate My Job

What is it about some people that make them think that they can just treat people like crap? What is it about some people that make them think that they are just so much more superior to those who work in the retail industry?

Today I had a new challenge.

I was preparing some coffee for a lady who comes in on a regular basis. She was asking me how my parents' anniversary party was and how things were in Iowa. As I made the drink, I was talking as we are supposed to do. (It is actually part of our training to make conversation with the customer.)

Suddenly, the person at the cash register (Venti bold coffee and a shot of espresso) started saying, very rudely, "Yack, yack, yack! Why can't you just get her her coffee and quit talking!" (This guy just drives me nuts. He has a way about him that oozes, "You have to think I am cool." I find him disgusting but I smile and talk to him like I do to our other customers. We (myself and the other workers) do him a little favor since he comes by every day. We give him the extra shot we have to pull for the espresso (by policy, we do not pull only one shot, we pull two at a time. We have the discretion to give the extra shot to the customer.) and only charge him for the shot as if we were putting it into the coffee, not in a separate cup. (Fifty cents vs. $1.59))

I just about dropped over. He then said, "I want my coffee! I don't care about your undergrad school or anything else."

So I started to get his coffee and he continued to bellow. "I come here everyday! I don't want to hear you talk! I want my shot!"

By this point, I was shaking with anger. I gave him the coffee and the shots (yes, both) and didn't charge him anything. He said he wanted to pay and I told him to take his coffee and leave.

I am NOT paid enough to have to put up with treatment like that. My coworkers have also decide that if he comes in again, he will get only what he orders and pay exactly for what he orders. If he wants his shot in a separate cup, then he will pay $1.59 for it!

How can someone think that they can treat someone like that and then expect special treatment?

I really need a new job.


Lemuel said...

My take is that he is the kind of person who desperately needs to feel good about himself and the only way he knows how to "lift" himself is to put others down. He knows he is powerless and so he acts out his power trip on whomever he thinks he can make himself superior to. said...

Put up a little sign that says - "You can't lift yourself up by putting others down" and then when he comes in again tell him he has been awarded the "Jerk of the Week," award and and pint to the sign. I used to have that up in my elementary classroom in Iowa. said...

OOps Point to the sign. (although you can pint to it if you wish)

Ur-spo said...

alas such is the service industry.