Monday, June 02, 2008

Adolescence Revisited

What I have been finding interesting lately is the experience of going through what feels like a second adolescence. I find myself in situations where I feel like a hormonal teen. It is actually more than kind of uncomfortable.

Nick is wonderful and is patient with me, but still, I feel at times like my sexuality is out of control.

This whole thing is weird; I am an adult. I should have gone through all of this stuff and now here I am at 43 years old feeling like a horny teenager.

What I wonder is how do we help gay kids to go through this at the appropriate time? I know that I am experiencing it now is because it had been so buried for so long. I had been the "good boy" and put all of my feelings to the side.

Kind of a disjointed post. I am not sure why I am typing this. Maybe there are others who have felt this way. I know that the feelings are exciting, but they are also scary.


sattvicwarrior said...

Full of the waters of mental creation , boisterous with the waves of latent desire, infested with the crocodiles of attachment, the resort of birds running along its mad stream, difficult to cross on account of the high banks of anxiety impossible to traverse because of the terrible eddies of illusion. so terrible runs this river called DESIRE.
the lords of aesthetics who have purified themselves of such dross have crossed to the other side.. [ this was WAY to much information wasn’t it ??].
nothing should be scary. just get to KNOW YOURSELF[the inside. and its not as scary as ya may think. Its where the REAL journey begins!!!!]
Also consider " its SPRINGTIME" wher your at. and ones hormones come out after a winters sleep..

Lemuel said...

Don't knock it, Ben! Some of us would still love to be that way, the mind is ready, the spirit is willing, but, well, you know the rest. :)

Ur-spo said...

supressed libido needs to be expressed or it will come out in bad ways.
supressed, it causes physical and mental problems.
so for pete's sake, jump nick's bones and make a pounce.

Vic Mansfield said...

Honey, I have a decade on you and my hormones are raging. Dangerous, yes.

I missed my last adolescents. I ain't missing this one!