Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rogaine Sunday

I love my newly adopted denomination. What other church would have a Sunday dedicated to hair growth? I mean, really, there are church Sundays dedicated to world peace and world prayer. There are Sundays dedicated to homelessness and missions. But only the Episcopal church would dedicate an entire Sunday to those forgotten people of the church community, THE BALD!

How cool is that!!

Huh? What was that Beartoast Joe? It's NOT Rogaine Sunday? IT'S ROGATION SUNDAY? You mean I preached on the wonders of hair growth when I wasn't supposed to? IS THAT WHY ALL THE PEOPLE WERE SNICKERING?? The Episcopal church does not devote a whole Sunday to the bald and pharmaceuticals for them????!!!!???



Lemuel said...

LMAO!!! That was a great post, Ben, especially for us liturgical-types.

Ur-spo said...


Vic Mansfield said...

All right. Get over it! Shall explain to you Ember Days? Beating the Bounds? Octaves of feasts? How about Sexagesima? Oh, we don't do that anymore.

Well. Maybe some do. . . .

sattvicwarrior said...


Steve F. said...

Cute, brother Ben, on so many levels.

It also points out the fact that if you don't speak Churchian (especially the Catholic, Lutheran, and Episcopal dialects) then you have no idea what more than half of the goings-on in those denominations are about. It's why newbies find it so hard to get any traction in these denominations - ChurchSpeak is tough for outsiders to even begin to speak, let alone master.

It took me a full year to figure out what a narthex was (I figured it was an antibiotic or something you needed to treat a fungal infestation, or a septic system).

Why not call it "Invoking God's Mercy Sunday," rather than "Rogaine Sunday"? (Damn, now you've got ME doing it...)

My belief: if the church attendee needs a Greek-English or Latin-English (or Churchian-English) dictionary in order to worship or find their way around, then the church has obviously made things overly complicated, eh?

Of course, I've pretty much gone off the whole idea of the liturgical calendar, so I likely won't find much sympathy here. (Or, as a wise friend once said, "You'll find sympathy, all right - right between sewage and syphillis in the dictionary..."

/end rant/

Well, I was wondering what I was going to post about on my own blog - guess I know now...


Sing God a simple song
Make it up as you go along
Sing like you like to sing
God loves all simple things
For God is the simplest of all...

(Leonard Bernstein, Mass)