Wednesday, April 16, 2008

General Thoughts

Work has been interesting. Today, at the end of my shift, an incredibly cute guy winked at me and I got to check out ring up the purchase of the Richard Gere look alike. I also told Richard that I could ring up his food purchases also. He said, "Really? I didn't know you could do that." It took everything in my power to not say, "Of course I can, I am very versatile." And just yesterday, Richard came up and said, "Hi Ben" and I didn't even have my name tag on!

Don't worry, things are still great between Nick and me, it is just nice to receive some attention from some very attractive men.

Otherwise, still dealing with the whole church thing. I feel like I am a chips and dip kind of person but the Episcopal Church is a caviar and crackers kind of place. I am afraid if I try to be a caviar kind of person, that I will eventually burn out. but I am also afraid that if I am not a caviar kind of person, I will not find a church in the ECUSA. I am also afraid if I go to another denomination, I will again have to spend another year getting "accustomed" to the new denomination. It just drives me nuts.

I will be going to a clergy retreat over the next few days. Hopefully I can make some network connections. I really don't want to go but it would be politically incorrect to miss it. Oh well.

Nick is working a bunch. He has had 17 hours of overtime last week and has had 6 already this week. I just keep reminding him that it is not worth getting sick over. Making a bunch of money just to have to spend it on a doctor is foolish.

Well, that is about it for now.

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Lemuel said...

Once your finished basking in "Richard's" gaze, would you send him my way, please? ;)