Saturday, March 15, 2008

Democrats in Michigan and Florida

I just find it intriguing that the leaders of the two states are running around crying about how ill treated they have been from the National Party. "Oh, they have been so mean to us!!" *said in best whiny voice*

But face it, the party said if the primaries were moved, there would be a cost. The states, in defiance moved the primary dates, and the cost was exacted.

Now, if there is something unfair about the ruling, go after the ruling. But also realize that when you break the ruling, there will be a cost.

As someone who didn't even vote in the primary because my vote wasn't going to matter, I am offended when Mrs. Clinton says she won Michigan. I know that there were others like me who felt totally disenfranchised and so stayed away from the polls. And when you are the only one on the ballot (there was also some other "also ran" on the ballot whom I cannot remember)it is not hard to win.

I think the governments of FL and MI need to quit crying "Poor us!" and face the fact that they made a choice and it had consequences. And I also think the primary should be redone. I also think the states should have to foot the bill. If they wouldn't have been breaking the rules in the first place, we wouldn't be in the situation we are in now.

I guess it is like disagreeing with the placement of a stop light. Running the light and getting a ticket. Then expecting the city to pay for the ticket. It doesn't make sense.

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Unknown said...

I am also a bit upset by all the whining. I think I know its source.

Unfortunately I see it as a no win situation. If the have some kind of "do-over", it will send the signals that the Democratic party does not mean what it says and is willing to change the rule in the middle of the game. I never would play with those who changed the rules.

It has been well established that they knew the rules, they signed on to the rules, and they broke the rules. Now they should have to accept the consequences as painful as that is.