Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Some Initial 2007 Thoughts

Well, Happy New Year!

When I look back, I really don’t know what I will feel about 2006. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the year of my discontent.”

I would like to say that 2006 was a horrible year. It was the year that I lost my job. It is the year I butchered my credit rating. It is the year I spent a fortune on cell phone bills. But it also was a great year. It was the year I grew closer to Nick. It is the year I came out to my family, friends, and congregation. It is the year I went to San Antonio. It is the year I became an Episcopalian. So good things and bad things have happened. In some ways, it is so yin-yang, some of the bad things had to happen for the good things to happen.

It is so hard to anticipate the good things when you are in the midst of the bad things. It is hard to trust in God when all around you God seems to be hiding. But it is that trust, that faith, that kept me going. (Well, faith and the strong arms and strong heart of Nick!) And it is that faith that keeps me going now.

I certainly hope this upcoming year is a whole lot easier than the last. But in saying that, I have probably jinxed myself. That would be the case if I believed in jinxes. But I do believe things will get better.

I hope for you all the New Year is challenging enough to be interesting but predictable enough to be comforting.


Unknown said...

I think all in all things are beginning more brightly in 2007 for you that you might have thought a month or so ago. I hope you on a long, positive roll!

Ur-spo said...

may 2007 be a better year for the both of you!

Vic Mansfield said...

06 was a rough ride for you. Me too. So I'd say there's nowhere to go but up! I pray your new church home will be rewarding, but I also know it will take some getting use to.

God uses all kinds of strong arms to deliver us. Give thanks for the ones around you!

Best of blessings, dear.

Cheers, Joe.