Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reply (Rant?) to an anonymous comment

"Father, 'We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.' -M. L. King "

This comment was left by an anonymous commenter on my limerick post. Now, the comment was made on MLK day, so it could have just been an MLK post, but I think the preamble, "Father" would make me think it was a judgement.

First: Please, if you wish to judge me, be considerate enough to take responsibility for your judgement. If you are not secure enough with your opinion to claim it, maybe you should not be passing it around yet.

Second: God made sexuality and God made humor. Have we really contemplated what Superman Sex would be like? My humor is part of who God made me to be. My sexuality is part of who God made me to be. My blog is where I chat with my friends. If my friends can't handle my humor, then...

Third: Do we expect more of our clergy than we expect of ourselves? If so, why? Maybe we should question the double standard.

Fourth: I think some of the problem with our churches today is that we have lost our sense of humor and we have lost touch with our humanity. We are human and God does not ask us to be anything more. I find that I actually seem to touch more people when I am not in a call than when I am. Maybe because people get to know know me as a person and not as a title.

Well, that was a bit of a rant. Sorry. Maybe Fr. Ben should not rant either. Maybe clergy should be just what the media portrays them to be: laughable, clueless, milk toast, bumbling, simpletons.


Anonymous said...

Rant on! I will join you in your rant. Among the many points that you make that are valid is your point that our churches have lost their sense of humor.

And Fr. Ben, do you mean to tell us that you do not wear your collar 24/7/365?! and that you are real, living, human being?!

Rant on, my friend, rant on!

Unknown said...

I say Rant!

Churches practically require that its leaders be boring, perfect and inauthentic at every turn. To me, being able to laugh at something like Superman Sex makes you more qualified. It reminds me you are a real person. It reminds me that you probably struggle at times too (like living vs. existing, which I feel ALL THE TIME).

Thanks for sharing ALL of yourself: the funny, the irreverant, the honest, and the person.

Scott E D said...

Anyone who has the courage to hide behind an anonymous comment deserves more than a rant.

Ur-spo said...

I learned early in church school that God not only has a sense of humor he is rather clever with irony as well.
keep on ranting and being humourous, especialy the later; the world needs more of the yuck yucks

Steve F. said...

A friend of mine who is a city planner is wont to observe that the human body is proof that God may be a great Creator, but is a lousy zoning official. After all, who in their right mind would put a playground so near to a septic system?....

Almost every critical comment I've ever received has been anonymous. Pay 'em no mind, brother.

However, while the photo is a cute one, I have to remind you of the danger of getting Dooced - of having one's employer (church, etc.) see one's blog and take exception with it to the detriment of one's employment.

And yes, the world expects more of their clergy than they expect of themselves. Yes, it's unreasonable. No, they don't care that it's that unreasonable, nor do they want to hear about the double standard. It's sad, but it's true.

I'm reminded of a great line by Tony Campolo: "Dr. Tony Campolo once said to a nationwide gathering of Evangelical Christians (paraphrased): "In the time it takes me to speak this sentence, another child will die of malnutrition... and the Church just doesn't give a shit. What's worse, more of you are outraged that I just said 'shit' than that another child has just died."

/end mini-rant

Doug Taron said...

Why is it that the yoyos can never have the stones to identify themselves?

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that the yoyos can never have the stones to identify themselves?"

Well said, doug!