Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Innermost Circle of Hell

Yes, I have found it, The Innermost circle of hell is in San Antonio. No offense to anyone out there who may be from San Antonio, the city is very nice. But there seems to be some kind of convergence of fate, karma, and luck that is hovering over the city just waiting to strike me dead!

Yesterday I just couldn't catch a break. As any will know who have read my blog, I am not a details kind of guy. My would is painted in broad strokes. IMO, big picture people should not be in charge of things that need attention to detail. Detail just kind of doesn't even make it onto my radar screen.

Case in point: Everything else is happening at the Alamodome, why wouldn't registration? And where did it say to bring a check? Everybody accepts credit cards now days. Having six hot kids and one "I told you so" adult waiting does not make for clear thinking.

But after that, we did make it to Schlitterbahn for a few (read 3) hours. Now what kind of park is it where there are two parts that are not connected? We didn't find the really good part until we had an hour left and then it was almost too late.

Also, one adult leader, along with about 3 kids, who wants to be at the mass events really early to be up close and one (me) who really hates large crowds and four kids who really don't want to be clapping along with everything. Maybe the death that I was dreading a couple of weeks back was not the death of crash and burn but the death of a fractured community.

We seem to have split along gender line. My way of functioning seems to work for the guys. They (not necessarily because they are guys) seem to be able to deal with the lassez-faire style that I use. The girls seem to be a bit more uptight.

Oh well, I keep telling people that this is the reason I don't volunteer to do stuff like this. But do they believe me?

The Gathering itself is not too bad. It was interesting to see thousands (like 20,000) kids together to praise Jesus. It was also interesting to see cell phones used instead of lighters during one of the performances of the bands.

It was good to hear the speaker to challenge our kids to move beyond the pursuit of money and strive for the things that are worth more. A couple of good groups too! There was on group, Superchic[k] that really impressed me.

Well, I talked to Nick last night, just to talk to him cheers me up. He is still healing from the ankle thing just before I left and I hope he gets better soon. I don't like to see him in pain.(ok, gooey stuff is done)

Well, the kids will be up soon and we are off on another day. Today, we will be taking a boat trip down the San Antonio river. Should be fun.


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