Thursday, May 05, 2011

30+ Day Challenge

Day 3: Your first love.

You know, this is a tough one.  Are we talking about "True Love" as in mature for life?  Or are we talking about "Puppy Love" or "Deeply Crushed" which can feel every bit as life shattering when it ends.  And being a teen, frightened yet intrigued by what you are feeling, this can be totally messed up.

So my first real "Puppy Love" was a swimmer in high school.  He had a beautiful body!  He was fun, he was intelligent, he was a deep thinker.  And my, did he do nice things to a pair of Speedos!  We both went to the same college, but we fell out of touch, each moving in different circles.  He got married and I lost touch with him for many years.  We are now friends on FB, but really don't communicate.

Next puppy love was during college.  He was a fun, pre-med. student.  He was cute and feisty.  This was an entirely one-way relationship.  He went on to become a doctor and I have pretty much totally lost track of him.

The first "Killer Crush" was my internship supervisor.  He was a triathlete with a great physique.  He was married, with kids, and I adored his family.  He helped me to grow as all supervisors should, but he also gave me the attention I was wanting from a man.  (NOTHING SEXUAL!  You pervs!!)  I really bloomed being around him.  When I finished with internship, I went through a very deep funk, not being able to be around the supervisor.  I was smitten!

But my first love would have to be my partner, Nick.  He was there as I was coming out.  He was supportive when I needed it.  He was kind and patient.  He was not demanding and willing to wait until I was ready.  He let me set the agenda and call the shots.  He helped me to find my identity as a gay man without dictating how it should go.

I love Nick for his kindness and his patience.  It took a while to get here, but I am happy with the way things are going! 

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