Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sounds of the Seasons

For those of you who know me, you are probably thinking this post is going to be about Christmas music.  Well, YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

This post actually came to me one morning as I was trying to not wake up.  We had the window open and I was lying there listening.  As I was lying there, I would have sworn that it was October.  It sounded like wind blowing through leaves and leaves blowing on the ground.  It was then that I thought about how each season has its own sounds.

Like I said, October sounds like blowing leaves.  It has a hollow sound to it.  The winds can be strong, but they generally blustery.

Winter is usually howling, sustained wind.  But there is also the muffle of a heavy, falling, snow.

Spring has thunderstorms and frogs.  There is also the birds, which are usually loudest in the morning.

Summer is generally light breezes if any wind sounds.  Crickets in the late summer.  Often the sound of people walking and talking.  But I would guess the hallmark of summer is the sound of some kind of bug.  If you are good, you can probably identify the month by the bug.

Well, not much on the line of "what's happening," but I have been getting tired of the bummer posts.  Hope you enjoy the sounds of summer before they become the sounds of fall.


Cubby said...

I'll be happier when the sounds of autumn come around.

suz said...

Dry leaves rustling on cornstalks, grain dryers in the distance

Lemuel said...

It's been so hot and dry here this summer that the A/C has been on constantly. The house is shut up and the sounds are shut out. A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend at one of my SIL's. The short end of the long story is that I slept on my sleeping bad with the princess on her side porch. It rained that night. The sounds of the night, the sounds of the rain, the sounds (and feel) of the gentle, cool, refreshing breezes at night were a delightful symphony.

Ur-spo said...

I like this very much.