Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th and Left-Handers Day

Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Left-Handers Day!

In Iowa right now.  An unexpected trip because Mom has GI problems and Dad fell and broke his ankle.  (The incidenst are not related.)

Dad is in a rehab center and is more talkative than I have seen him in years!

Mom had a colonoscopy and, to quote the Dr. "I would have been down sooner with the results but I had to take a shower."  THIS IS A GOOD THING!  *Did I mention the Dr. is a cutie!*

We are also inheriting a cat.  So that makes two now.  More later when we aren't stealing bandwidth from Panera.

Oh, and we are going to a drag show this evening!  Should be fun!!


Vic Mansfield said...

taking care of aging parents can be a tough chore. Blessings. Hope they will do well.
Another cat?

Lemuel said...

You could have offered to shower with the cutie Dr. and scrub his back! :-D
Seriously, best wishes to your mom and dad for their health.

Cubby said...

Oh geez, I hope your parents recover quickly. Enjoy your time in Iowa.

Ur-spo said...

I enjoy 'news bits' like this; thank you for posting.
and good luck with the cat.