Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back to the office

This was our "Home Away From Home" while we were in Knoxville.  It had air-conditioning, cable TV and internet if you sat outside!  Actually, it was not that bad.  After a couple of days sleeping on the air mattress in the mountains, being on beds in AC was not that bad.

But it is time to face the job again!  Aaarrrgggg!!!!

What I hate is I have this free flowing anxiety thing going on.  Things were great on vacation, but now I have to go back and there is always the fear that someone is going to come up and lynch me.  Irrational?  Yes.  But that is the feeling.

The congregation did a nice job of clearing the front yard last Saturday.  The church building was hidden by a bunch of brush and saplings.  Pretty much, it looked like someone just didn't take the time to mow.  (For years!)  I am also concerned because it just seems like a nice place for the local pervert to hang out and jump whoever passes by.  I mentioned that and was told that I was being too negative.  IDK, it just seems like a good neighbor sort of thing to do to keep your lawn looking neat.  But people keep saying that "we should keep it natural."  Again, it feels like a displacement for something else.

Oh well.    Why can't we just find a log house in mountains with a barn as a studio and a hot tub?  We could milk goats and make stained glass (NOT with the goat milk!) and get all Grizzly Adams.

Gotta do an interview tomorrow.  Hope the person is good.  I need a secretary.  And catch up on all the stuff that happened on vacation. 

Have a great day!


Ur-spo said...

does any one have a secretary any more? I forget the new PC name. I like secretary, myself.

Lemuel said...

There is "natural" and then there is "natural". It is always good for a church to keep its property well kept. It speaks well of the community and the church - and it invites others to find it.