Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rude Society

I don't know if I have just become that depressed or what, but it seems that our world has just become rude, touchy, I don't know.  We can no longer take a joke.  Everything is of Earth shattering proportions.  I had a life long friend totally block me from Facebook because I found a situation involving Rush Limbaugh to be funny.

The situation involved me posting a screen capture with a truncated headline which read, "Pulitzer Winner Compares Rush to a Plant..."  the last word was "Plantation Owner" but I thought the inadvertent commentary to be funny.  My friend did not.  This fiend went into a tirade about how Rush has be so maligned and how we just need to pay attention to Fox News to learn all we need to know.  Another friend chimed about how this needs to not be so political which ended in another tirade.

I defriended both of them because I was tired of having everything that I posted becoming a shout-fest.  I then went back and first invited the friend in Germany, explaining that I enjoy chatting with her, but could she please not comment on the other person's comments?  She was fine with that.

Then I went to search for the childhood friend.  I could not find her.  I then searched for her using Nick's account and there she was!  She had blocked me!  Because I had found the Rush situation funny and was not going to put up with Fox News fueled rantings, she has decided that defending Rush is more important than friendship.

She will probably say that I am being closed minded or uncaring, but I am still totally confused how a usually sane woman can get so anxiety plagued.

How have we become this shouting, screaming, childish society? 

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Urspo said...

If you are interested in this topic, it is nicely summarized in Robert Bly's "The Sibling Society"
A very good read indeed.
People are so black/white us/them with no interest or ease with gray complexity. It is sad. :(