Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eight Years Ago Today

Well, I have been a clergy being for eight years now.

I was really getting bummed yesterday at work. I couldn't stop thinking, "This is not what I though I would be doing eight years ago."

Oh well, things are happening and situations are changing. So that is good.

I was going to post a picture of my ordination, but the album is packed away somewhere and I can't find it.

And why the speedo picture? Well, it is a CLERICAL SPEEDO!


Lemuel said...

Best wishes on the anniversary of your ordination. Remember that the Spirit continues to move, the "wind to blow where it will", and lead us ever in new directions.

As for the swim suit, I was trying to think of some clever pun on "clerical error", but I could not think of one. :-D

Ur-spo said...

This is not what I though I would be doing eight years ago."

this is said by all of us, so you are in good company with that. I've often wondered if Divine Logic has you exactly where He wants you to be; a shining good person in the midst of Michigan dreak. Hardly what you thought He wanted you to do but there it is.
It is just a theory.

Vic Mansfield said...

If only I could look like that in a clerical speedo. . . . .

Blessings. The journey is not over! I'll bet you didn't know with whom you would be, 8 years ago.