Friday, February 15, 2008

The Refuge

Folks from The Refuge, WELCOME!

I check occassionally to see how people are getting to my blog. Maybe a bit of vanity, but mainly just curious. What really intrigues me is when I get a bunch of hits from some off the wall site, like happened when I got a bunch of hits to this post. I also noticed that I was getting a bunch of hits to this post because of the picture from The Bloated Goat.

Now, I have been getting hits from a site called The Refuge. I had never heard of the site and was wondering what was up. They weren't even linking to a spacific page, they were just linking to my main page.

I guess there is a person on this forum who also goes by Dr. Benton Quest! Great minds think alike!

So, again, welcome folks from The Refuge, take a look around. Leave a comment. And come back any time!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Quest,

Thank you for your warm welcome. It is nice to see that we are noticed.

Refuge Admin and friend of the other "Dr. Benton Quest"

Anonymous said...

good morning, Dr. Quest ~

interesting site! I do like your "the cost of bush's folly" $$ count.

anyway, I hope you come to the Refuge to hang out, maybe post some. it's pretty entertaining there.



Ur-spo said...

I love the bloated goat !!
I have my bloated goat T-shirt with me right now!
When I purchased it, it took 2 trips through the washer to get the smoke out of it.
in our house when we are full, we state we are 'bloated goats'