Friday, February 01, 2008

Yucky Weather

Well, winter came back. So far this week, we have had 50 degree weather, single digit weather, rain, and now a snowstorm. It took Nick over an hour to get to work. He got this "wonderful" e-mail from work reminding everyone that even though the weather is bad, people still need to come to work. AH DUH!

The e-mail came from the higher management where Nick works (and where I used to work). The management there treats the workers as if they are children. I found it frustrating as does Nick.

As far as other things, life goes on. I have been looking for a job. I have been trying to write a sermon for Sunday. (I decided to re-run one from six years ago. Still pretty good, I think.) And, in general, trying to stay on this side of depression. Nick has been such a support. I just hope I am not leaning too hard upon him!

I'm still having trouble with the whole God/church thing. It feels weird having to write a sermon extolling the virtues of God when lately I have been questioning whether God even exists. Trying to get excited about anything, let alone church stuff, is hard right now. I keep trying to be excited about learning "how to be an Episcopalian" but it is wearing thin.

I hate feeling stupid. I have done the whole "church thing" and have been a clergy person for seven years. Now, being relegated to the status of "intern" just feels like a kick in the nads.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, many employers treat their employees like children - when they are not treating them like some other inanimate resource.

I wonder of Nick's management emailed the workers from their homes. I've experienced that, too. You (workers) get your butts into work no matter what, while I (management) stay home and drink coffee in the warmth and safety of my den.

KJ said...

As a refugee from Evangelical Land, I must confess to enjoying the whole Episcopalian "thang", but that's likely because we're at a parish in which all are welcomed regardless of where they are in their faith journey, including having no idea what they think about God. Boy does that make our journey together a whole lot more fascinating.

Ur-spo said...

i've been wondering for some time whether God's purpose with you for now is doing/being just as things are? The logic of God is always obscure to me; but if He is around then what is happening must make sense to Him if not to us?